Business Model

Soft Services is our focus and our core competence. We take a pragmatic and targeted approach to support services

Organic revenue growth

Our business model begins with organic growth, which we drive through implementation and refining of our MAP framework in operations, sales and marketing. This approach allows us to differentiate ourselves and get close to our clients to create innovative solutions. Organic growth is supplemented by our network of companies that aid any shortcomings within the business.

Operating efficiences

We focus on operational execution and generate efficiencies by optimising our supply chain and diligently managing our operational costs. These benefits enable us to reinvest in innovation to maximise the growth opportunities for Landani.

Competitive advantage

Our focus on cost and efficiencies, along with our robust cost benefit analysis, gives us real competitive advantage. These advantages allow us to provide our clients with the best value in terms of quality and cost,which helps drive long term sustainable organic revenue growth.

Our people and culture

Our people and purpose are at the heart of our business. Our aim is to nurture an engaged and highly capable workforce to win new business, manage our units efficiently and effectively, and deliver the healthiest, most innovative solutions in a way that provides a safe and exciting experience to our clients and consumers efficiently and effectively deliver the quality, most innovative solution in a way that provides a safe and exciting experience for our clients .